Leonardo Cangelmi on Thu, 05 Jul 2007 20:20:26 +0200

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hi-res plot and postscript

I have two problems concerning hi-res plotting.
The first has to do with 'psdraw', the second with 'plotrecth'

1) I would like to save a rectwindow containing different colors.  
With 'plotdraw' all the different colors used in the rectwindow are
retained. On the opposite, when saving the same rectwindow into a 
postscript file with 'psdraw' all the colors are lost and are substituted 
by black.

Is there a way to retain the colors also in the postscript file? 

2) I would like to plot different graphs in the same rectwindow using 
different colors. But 'plotrecth' forces the graphs to be plotted in red 
(and also changes the default color of the rectwindow to red). 
It would be nice to have an option in plotrecth which selects the color 
to be used for the graph plotted (and also retains the previous default 
color without changing it). 

Is it possible to select the color of the graphs?

(I am using version 2.3.0 on a ppc with ubuntu and  macox)


Leonardo Cangelmi