Igor Schein on Mon, 05 Mar 2007 22:59:21 +0100

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compatibility broken


I just wanted to raise a huge (for me) problem in CVS:

*** rnfkummer: x not coprime to pr in famat_makecoprime:

A lot of my code written long time ago is broken now, I have to
rewrite it all.  Before I do that, I wanted to run it by people.  I
know which bug was being addressed with this change, and I do realize
that it wasn't supposed to work the way I was using it before anyway,
but I was wondering if there're any other considerations out there,
and if there may be another solution which wouldn't compromise the
integrity but at the same time would be more backward
compatibility-friendly.  For the time being I am reverting to the CVS
version just before the change.