Phil Carmody on Thu, 25 Jan 2007 01:40:26 +0100

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Re: GMP build on OSX

I'm an OSX newb, so when even GMP 4.2.1 failed the same way I 
offloaded the task onto the guy who always seems to ends up 
doing my G5 builds for me:

--- Mark Rodenkirch wrote:
> On Jan 24, 2007, at 3:22 PM, Phil Carmody wrote:
> > Can you quickly run the attached GP script on your G5 please?
> > It takes 17s on a fast opteron, and 75s on my 2GHz G5 using non-GMP  
> > GP.
> I have to rebuild PARI.  It didn't build with GMP extensions and as  
> soon as I tried, it failed.  I had to modify get_cc to set the -m64  
> compiler flag.  I also had to modify get_gmp so that it would link  
> correctly.  This is what caused the "Your version of GMP is too old  
> for PARI. Please upgrade" message that you saw.  I'll get back to you  
> later with timings.
> BTW, the flags I added to get_cc are:
> -ffast-math -mdynamic-no-pic -mtune=G5 -mcpu=970 -m64

I can offer a login account on my G5 to Bill or Karim if they 
want to try to fix this the proper way, rather than just adding 
ad hoc hacks which will need to be redone with every subsequent 

GMP is fast on G5s, particularly with Mark Rodenkirch's asm patches 
(not yet in the GMP main line yet, alas), so it's a shame to not be 
able to make use of it.

More relevant info when it appears...


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