Justin C. Walker on Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:23:42 +0100

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Re: compilation OS10.4

On Jan 18, 2006, at 07:59 , jean COUGNARD wrote:

Dear pari developpers,

I have tryed to compile pari-2.1.7
on a mac OS 10.4 with Xcode2 (gcc 4.0.0)
at the end I got the following error messages :

../src/gp/gp.c:48: error: conflicting types for 'add_history'
/usr/include/readline/readline.h:133: error: previous declaration of

This looks like the 'readline' problem; it's been discussed here before, so you can search the archives for the discussion. I think there were at least two solutions. I took the easy, but incorrect, path: I renamed/removed "/usr/include/readline.h"; details are in the archives.



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