Joerg Arndt on Sun, 11 Dec 2005 10:12:18 +0100

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Re: [Repost due to problems on POP server] matsolve() gp function and PARI matrix allocation in C

* Alessio Rocchi <> [Dec 11. 2005 03:06]:
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
> I don't know if the message has still reached the right address.
> Follows original message.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi everybody.
> Today i've two question to ask for...
> I go listing 'em:
> 1) I'm experiencing a problem related to matsolve() gp function.
> I invoke it in the following way:
> matsolve(

  \\ a 5 x 5 matrix

> [6,98,100,165,176,2]~)
  \\ SIX elements

Such errors are (sometimes) avoided by
*** errror zamzink

\\ checking:

> The output is an error message like "inconsistent data in gauss".

Err msgs are there to be reproduced, you got exactly this:
  *** matsolve: inconsistent data in gauss.

And it make sense to me.

> I didn't find any help about it into the gp tutorial.
> I'm quite sure that the previous systems has solutions, but i can't
> get the way for the matsolve() to work.

A mechanism to look up errors (via IDs) that gives examples
would be, as for all complex systems, useful.  However, I
do not volunteer to implement it  8-)

Second question left to pari hackers.

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