Walter Neumann on Wed, 27 Apr 2005 20:30:46 +0200

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Re: C++ interface

Oliver Goodman wrote a c++ wrapper for the pari libraries. It worked fine up to pari-2.1.5; I don't know if it has been tested with more recent versions. Here is a quote from his home page

"Pariwrap tries to make Pari easier to use by defining a class pari which can be manipulated almost like any other built-in C type such as double. Now distributed as part of snap."

Snap's page is .

--walter neumann

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Alain SMEJKAL wrote:

Dear List,

Looking for a C++ interface, I have found here an old contribution from T. Papanikolaou annoucing a release of one for Pari 2.0.8. Unfortunatly links provided are dead. It seems that most users directly call Pari lib in C, I agree that this way work good but I need a full encapsulated lib. So I have started writing one but re-writing the same is not really valuable, updating or enhancing should be more.

Would appreciate new links or copy of this work.