Karim BELABAS on Wed, 28 May 2003 22:36:09 +0200 (MEST)

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Windows Installer v2

Hi developers,

  I have re-built my Windows installer for Pari, replacing the old file
but keeping the same file name:


This fixes the following two critical bugs:

1) factor( t_INT ) triggers a SEGV in MPQS. [ e.g factor(2^(2^7)+1) ]

2) none of the PostScript plot routines worked: they all complained
about a missing Gnuplot DLL.

1) looks like a bug in gcc-3.2 optimizer on Cygwin. Using gcc-2
[ aka gcc-2.95.3 ] fixed the problem.

2) was due to the configuration of the binary on my host system which has
a bloated Cygwin installation (650MB:-(), in particular XFree86. So Configure
got over-enthusiastic and included builtin X11 and (fallback) dynamic gnuplot
support. Of course a regular Windows box has no X server, and falling back to
an inexistent gnuplot doesn't help either.

Please Uninstall the old Pari.exe and check the new one ! If I get no more
specific bug reports, I'll announce it officially.



P.S: hi-res plots are disabled. I tried hard to get either Qt2 or gnuplot to
produce something usable on Cygwin, but failed miserably.

1) Qt does not look promising since it's _huge_ (add about 20MB in DLLs to
the package), and the Cygwin support is experimental at best: I can't even
get it to compile with my g++-2 installation without major tweakings, and
then there are various bugs (even without FANCY_WIN).

2) plotgnuplot is lightweight and _almost_ work. Fetching a fresh
Term::Gnuplot from CPAN, I could eventually get it to compile [ had to
undefine LINUXVGA, and define dummy routines pTK_*, and
set_mouse_feedback_rectangle ]. Dynamic loading works, but I get only 'dumb'
plots. I tried to play a bit with the various .trm, to no avail (can't even
get the standard gnuplot to compile under Cygwin when including native
Windows output driver).

Of course, using an X server works perfectly, but it becomes rather
cumbersome to start packaging X servers with Pari...
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