Karim BELABAS on Thu, 15 May 2003 16:41:21 +0200 (MEST)

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Re: plotQt.c

Nils Skoruppa [pari-dev-2701] wrote:
> if someone would like to try plotQt.c, an alternative to plotX.c,
> plotgnuplot.c and in particular to plotnull.c, which uses Trolltech's Qt
> lib, you can download the file at
> http://wotan.algebra.math.uni-siegen.de/~countnumber/zaurus/


  I've committed the above and a preliminary integration in
Configure to CVS. Use

   Configure --graphic=qt,
   Configure --with-qt,
   Configure --with-qt=QTDIR,

It seems to work flawlessly under Linux.

Configure glitches:
  * should link with g++, not $(LD)

  * should actually try to find a C++ compiler (g++ currently hardwired in
    Makefile, easy to change by hand though)

I don't really want to add Configure support for different C++ compilers
than g++ (shared library creation is already a nightmare, I don't want to
introduce yet another layer of complexity).

> This should make available high resolution plot under Windows (we did not
> try yet), seems to work perfectly on various Linux boxes and on the Sharp
> Zaurus.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really make it work under Cygwin:

* couldn't even compile Qt/X11 [missing file q_windows.h ]

* Qt-cygwin  (downloaded from KDE-cygwin cvs) compiles [ sort of, had to
modify the Qt code in a few places so that g++-3.2 accepts it ], but the
resulting hi-res plot window has various problems:

  -- the menu doesn't work at all [ non-functioning buttons, with weird
     labels and positioning ]
  -- unreadable fonts (teeeny).
  -- can't be resized

Qt-cygwin is still beta, but I was rather disapointed. Add to that the fact
that I have to add about 15MBytes worth of DLLs to the GP binary to get Qt


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