Ilya Zakharevich on Tue, 28 Jan 2003 15:43:22 -0800

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[PATCH CVS] OS/2 docs and tests



diff -pru pari/README.os2 pari-my-200201/README.os2
--- pari/README.os2	Tue Oct 22 14:17:06 2002
+++ pari-my-200201/README.os2	Tue Jan 28 14:35:10 2003
@@ -27,12 +27,16 @@ a convenience, but also statically linke
 To use the gnuplot-engine DLL gnpltdrw.DLL, one can give Configure the option
---graphic=gnuplot-dynamic,gnpltdrw.  Thus the build process looks like this:
+--graphic=gnuplot-dynamic,gnpltdrw (requires linking with -Zcrtdll for graphics
+to work).  Add -DOLD_SET_FEEDBACK_RECTANGLE gcc option if gnpltdrw.DLL supports
+mousing, but is an old build, so it won't report this capability.
+Thus the build process may look like this:
   sh Configure --graphic=gnuplot-dynamic,gnpltdrw
   make gp
   cd Oos2-ix86
-  make _O=.obj _A=.lib CC_FLAVOR="-Zomf -Zcrtdll -Zstack 8192" RLLIBS=-lreadline_import DLLD_IGNORE= AR=emxomfar bench
+  make _O=.obj _A=.lib CC_FLAVOR="-Zomf -Zcrtdll -Zstack 8192 -DOLD_SET_FEEDBACK_RECTANGLE" RLLIBS=-lreadline_import DLLD_IGNORE= AR=emxomfar bench
   cd ..
 The statically build PARI library is in a file named similar to libpari-2_2.a,
diff -pru pari/src/test/dotest pari-my-200201/src/test/dotest
--- pari/src/test/dotest	Wed Nov  7 11:12:38 2001
+++ pari-my-200201/src/test/dotest	Mon Jan 13 12:18:54 2003
@@ -171,7 +171,11 @@ esac
 if test -n "$file_diff"; then
 len=`wc -l $file_diff | sed -e 's/ *\([0-9]*\).*/\1/'`
 pat=`head -4 $file_diff|tail -1|grep "108,118"`
+sys0190=`grep "^+ SYS0190\>" $file_diff`
+if test $len -eq 31  -a  -n "$sys0190"; then
+  len=29			# more verbose error message on OS/2
 if test $len -eq 29  -a  -n "$pat"; then
 cat << EOT
 NOTE: the problem noted in 'program' is that install() does not work in your