Bill Allombert on Sat, 21 Dec 2002 19:09:29 +0100

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make bench on a Motorola 68060 !

Hello PARI developers,

I have got an account on a Motorola 68060 at 50MHz, running Debian GNU/Linux, see

crest% make dobench
* Testing objets        for gp-dyn..TIME=290
* Testing analyz        for gp-dyn..TIME=8140
* Testing number        for gp-dyn..TIME=5000
* Testing polyser       for gp-dyn..TIME=1810
* Testing linear        for gp-dyn..TIME=1850
* Testing elliptic      for gp-dyn..TIME=4760
* Testing sumiter       for gp-dyn..TIME=11650
* Testing graph         for gp-dyn..TIME=2420
* Testing program       for gp-dyn..TIME=5560
* Testing trans         for gp-dyn..TIME=16210
* Testing nfields       for gp-dyn..TIME=86540
+++ Total bench for gp-dyn is 74998

crest% ./gp-dyn --version
                  GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.1.3 (released)
         MC680x0, x>=2 running linux (C portable kernel) 32-bit version
             (readline v4.2a enabled, extended help not available)

crest% gcc --version

crest% uname -a        
Linux crest 2.2.20 #3 Sat May 25 00:01:41 CEST 2002 m68k unknown

One day or another I should try the port of the asm kernel for GNU as...