Igor Schein on Fri, 22 Nov 2002 14:34:44 -0500

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trap() help


? ??trap
trap({e}, {rec}, {seq}):

   tries  to execute seq,  trapping error e,  that is effectively preventing it
from  aborting  computations  in  the usual way;   the recovery sequence rec is
executed  if  the  error occurs and the evaluation of rec becomes the result of
the command.   If e is omitted, all exceptions are trapped.  Note in particular
that  hitting ^C  (Control-C)  raises an exception.   See Section  (??)  for an
introduction to error recovery under GP.


1) Which section should I see (note ?? above)
2) I wanna trap all pari errors, but at the same time I don't wanna
trap ^C.  Is it possible?
3) If it's not, I wanna trap just the following error:

? galoisinit(x^3-1)
  ***   galoisinit: field not Galois or Galois group not weakly super solvable.

Which error code would I use?