Bill Allombert on Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:00:59 +0100

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CVS branch gmp-kernel-2-2-5

Hello PARI developers,

I have commited the gmp kernel patch in a new branch named

This include the change to the t_INT API.

To switch your repository to this branch, use
cvs update -d -r gpm-kernel-2-2-5.

To use the GMP kernel, you need to have gmp in a standard location.  you can do
./Configure --kernel=gmp 
but it is advisable to have both kernel along, so issue
./Configure --kernel=gmp --builddir=O<osname-arch>-gmp
to build the gmp kernel version in O<osname-arch>-gmp.

make bench should report only report problems in the nfields bench
and all of them must be related to 'GMP: ratlift is not yet implemented'

This kernel is not finished. Some issue as I remember them:

--- Only gmp INT are implemented. REAL are standard PARI reals.

--- As a consequence, INT<-->REAL conversion are slower.

--- ratlift() is not implemented. This looks difficult to do without
an insight of the code. Help appreciate (Gerhart ?). It need to either
be ported to the t_INT API, or rewrtten for the gmp kernel.

--- The /*HACK*/ in the code need to be investigated and guard values added,
else stack overrun will happen.

--- No Montgomery multiplication support. The GMP code for that is private to 

--- Bit manipulation routine (bitand,bittest,etc...) need to be tested.

--- diviiexact is just a call to divii.

--- There is no possibility to use the optimised level0 asm code with
the gmp kernel. It is mainly a makefile issue.

--- Configure --kernel=gmp must look harder to find libgmp.

--- Lots of things need tuning/testing.