Ilya Zakharevich on Tue, 22 Oct 2002 15:57:19 -0700

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Re: [PATCH CVS] compile

On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 10:03:13PM +0200, Karim BELABAS wrote:
> > P.S.  I see that the docs advertise using %R in the prompt.  However,
> >       the EMX documentation suggests that %R is not supported by C90's
> >       timefmt() (sp?).  At least it does not work on EMX - which
> >       supports C90...
> >
> >       Is it possible to replace %R by an equivalent combination of
> >       other switches?
> Is %H:%M supported ?


    %%      percent sign
    %a      locale's abbreviated weekday name
    %A      locale's full weekday name
    %b      locale's abbreviated month name
    %B      locale's full month name
    %c      locale's date and time
    %d      day of month (01-31)
    %D      date, this is equivalent to %m/%d/%y
    %e      day of month ( 1-31), blank padded
    %h      locale's abbreviated month name
    %H      hour (00-23)
    %I      hour (01-12)
    %j      day of year (001-366)
    %m      month (01-12)
    %M      minute (00-59)
    %n      newline character
    %p      locale's equivalent to AM or PM, as appropriate
    %r      time in AM/PM notation, this is equivalent to %I:%M:%S %p
    %S      second (00-59)
    %t      TAB character
    %T      time, this is equivalent to %H:%M:%S
    %U      week number of the year, the first day of the week is
            Sunday (00-53)
    %w      weekday, the first day of the week is Sunday (0-6)
    %W      week number of the year, the first day of the week is
            Monday (00-53)
    %x      locale's date representation
    %X      locale's time representation
    %y      year without century (00-99)
    %Y      year with century (1970-2106)
    %Z      timezone name or no characters if no time zone is

    If % is followed by a character not listed above, the results are