Ilya Zakharevich on Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:49:04 -0400

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X plotting

Yesterday I used X plotting of GP/PARI (the first time after a long
time) and found it wanting.

The default setup here, in MSRI, is some Win95-like X window manager
(fwm95?).  It includes a stay-on-top status bar at bottom, and some
kind of switch-the-desktop stay-on-top bar on the right.

Given that

  a) X plotting window would not redraw if part of it is obscured;

  b) X plotting window is created overlapping the stay-on-top bars;

  c) X plotting window is created each time anew (at the same position?);

a part of the plotting window is always blank.  This part contains
most important info as well...

Any way to fight this?