Wolfgang Jenkner on Thu, 31 Jan 2002 15:35:11 +0100

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texinfo documentation available


let me sort of


The `pari-info' package offers texinfo based online help for PARI/GP.

I wrote some Emacs lisp code to convert the standard PARI/GP TeX
documentation (the complete User's Guide and the Tutorial) to texinfo.
For turning TeX math notation into ASCII art however, the conversion
relies entirely on Dave Gillespie's wonderful Emacs Calc package.


     contains essentially
        - the conversion package
        - the generated texinfo sources
        - the info files generated by `makeinfo' from the above
        - the `gpinfo' shell script which uses the info files for
          providing a similar functionality as the standard `gphelp'.

     contains a bunch of html files (one for each info node) as
     generated from the texinfo sources by a recent development version
     of `makeinfo'.

     contains the dvi files generated from the texinfo sources.

Note that `makeinfo' as of (development) version 4.0d supports also the
`DocBook' and `TexinfoML' formats.  Further, on the TeX side, texinfo
supports also pdf output (via pdftex).  However, I did no testing with
these formats.

You can fetch these packages from

   * `http://members.inode.at/wjenkner/pari-info/pari-info.2.1.3a.tar.gz'

   * `http://members.inode.at/wjenkner/pari-info/pari-html.2.1.3a.tar.gz'

   * `http://members.inode.at/wjenkner/pari-info/pari-dvi.2.1.3a.tar.gz'

You'll find some notes (contained also in the packages) at


Wolfgang Jenkner