Karim BELABAS on Fri, 17 Mar 2000 19:10:44 +0100 (MET)

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pari-2.0.19.beta update

Dear pari-lovers,

  there's a new update at


(of course, you can also get it from the CVS repository). It is mostly bugfix
and should make a good candidate for the release version 2.1 in a few weeks
(if nothing shows up :-). I don't plan to address any of the problems listed
in the TODO list before the 'release' version, since none of them really
affect stability, so I'd rather postpone them for the next alpha cycle.

Tutorial, reference card, and manual are now also available in PDF format,
complete with index and hyperlinks for the latter (thanks to Cliff Bergmann,
via pdftex) [ they are not included in the distribution, but you can fetch
them on the megrez server, directory /pub/pari/manuals ]. 

Have fun,


P.S: The Changelog
Done for version 2.0.19.beta (released 17/03/2000):
    1- buffer overflow in ploth (when extrema too large)
    2- trap(,"") didn't work
IS+BA 3- various fixes necessary for g++
    4- prototype inconsistency in level1.h (evalexpo/evalvalp)
    5- trouble with pgcc -mk6 + variable k6 in elliptic.c
HC  6- nfnewprec(bnf) could contain objects of low accuracy
XR  7- check subgroup argument in bnrL1
    8- typo in ideal_two_elt (oo loop)
    9- pb with GNU as + preprocessor on Sparc
   10- incorrect result in matdet over Z[1/n] (Gauss-Bareiss) [gdivexact]
   11- solve(x=0,1,deriv(x)) --> SEGV
   12- ??' --> weird error
   13- generic SNF (polynomial entries) couldn't handle 0s on diagonal
   14- incorrect handling of 0 ideals in some functions
XR 15- typos in bnrL1
   16- bad input not handled in rnfcharpoly()
IZ 17- delay rounding in rectplot structures until plotting device
   18- Mod(1,x) / matid(2) --> incorrect object
   19- avoid getrusage on alpha (pb with gp-dyn)
   20- incorrect file inclusions when using gas on Sparc (-->undefined symbols)
   21- massive cancellations in zetak(nfz,) when current prec lower than nfz's
XR 22- bnrstark(): fixed inconsistency between 32bit & 64bit versions +
       check maxprime() before starting the computation
PW 23- hyperu bad input bug
PW 24- intnum(x=1,2,0) --> oo loop
   25- sin(x + y) --> error
   26- next(i > 1) didn't work (part of the last loop could be executed)
   27- typo in polrootspadic(p, 2, *) [singular case]

XR  1- bnrL1 now takes a congruence subgroup as second argument
    2- allow some functions to modify bnf/bnr structures (matal + cycgen)
CB  3- modified TeX macros for pdftex
    4- have abs(t_COMPLEX) give an exact result if possible [abs(0*I) was 0.0]
IS  5- improved generic gcc compilation flags
    6- in qfbclassno(), compute in G^2 to get rid of cycli factors
    7- improved bnrdisc/bnrconductor

BA  1- function galoissubcyclo()
BA  2- (for now internal) function inverseimage_mod_p()
BA  3- optional arguments (vertical range) to plot()
IZ  4- `ticks' on hi-res plots
IZ  5- prettyprinter default and tex2mail file
BA  6- new function Fq_ker
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